Introducing a New Feature in Koala AI: Easy Image Generation via X (Formerly Twitter)

3 min readJun 10, 2024



We’re thrilled to announce a new feature in Koala AI that makes generating images simpler than ever. Now, you can create personalized images directly from your X (formerly Twitter) account by mentioning our bot. This guide will explain how it works and how you can start using it right away.

How It Works

Generating Images via X

To generate an image, all you need to do is start your tweet with @koalaaibot followed by your request. For example:

“@koalaaibot make a Koala inspired by Nintendo Kart characters.”

It’s that simple! Our bot will process your request and generate the image for you.

The Process

  1. Account Connection: Previously, you needed to use our decentralized application (dApp) to generate images, which required connecting your wallet and purchasing credits.
  2. Username Integration: Now, we’ve streamlined the process. Simply include your username in your tweet (the part after @ without the @).
  3. Tweet Monitoring: Our system continuously monitors tweets that mention @koalaaibot.
  4. Verification: When a tweet is detected, we verify the user and their associated account in our database.
  5. Credit Check: If you have sufficient credits, we generate the requested image and send it to you, deducting one credit from your account.

Using the Feature

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Ensure You Have Credits: Make sure you have enough credits in your Koala AI account. You can purchase credits through our dApp.
  2. Send a Tweet: Mention @koalaaibot in your tweet, followed by “generate” and your image request. Example:

“@koalaaibot generate a futuristic cityscape with koalas.”

  1. Receive Your Image: If you have enough credits, you’ll receive your custom image directly through the bot.

Tokenomics of $KOKO

The tokenomics of $KOKO are designed to create a sustainable and deflationary ecosystem. When users purchase credits with $KOKO for accessing various features, including our unique AI image generation, these tokens are burned. This burning mechanism reduces the overall supply of $KOKO, increasing the scarcity and potential value of each remaining token. By integrating this deflationary model, $KOKO not only provides utility and engagement through its platform but also rewards long-term holders by continually decreasing the token supply. This approach aligns the interests of the community with the ongoing success and growth of the Koala AI project.

Useful Links


This new feature is designed to make your experience with Koala AI more seamless and enjoyable. We’re excited to see the creative images you’ll generate. Happy tweeting!

Feel free to reach out to our community or support channels if you have any questions or need assistance. Enjoy creating with Koala AI!

NB: “Username Integration” — it’s important to note that this is visible in the “My Profile” menu at the top right and that responses are completed in less than 5 minutes.